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Translation Bureau Keelekoda – fast, effective and high-quality translation

to and from Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Icelandic, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Ukrainian and Russian.
Translation, editing and layout of documents, product information, package labels, catalogues, manuals and other factual texts.

Notarised translation, apostille certification, translation of documents, notarised copy, certified translation, urgent translation, express translation at our office in the centre of Tallinn or through Internet.

Translation Bureau Keelekoda is the only translation bureau in Estonia where Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Russian translators work under one roof.

All translation services conveniently at one place – our translation bureau in the centre of the city is open without lunch break:

• translation
• editing
• proofreading
• layout

• graphic design
• web design
• design
• publishing

• preparation for printing
• desktop publishing (DTP)
• pre-press proofreading

• adaptation
• back translation
• evaluating translation quality

Translation services

Keelekoda Translation Bureau is governed by the requirements of the Estonian standard EVS-EN 15038:2007 when providing translation services, although within the bureau, some of the quality requirements are higher than the ones listed in the standard. Keelekoda Translation Bureau uses modern technical translation aids when providing translation services: we use a translation memory for translating and a database for document record management and proper functioning of the work process. Keelekoda Translation Bureau provides translation services in the following languages: Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, English, Finnish, Polish, Czech, French, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Russian.

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Translating, especially into the own native language, might seem like the easiest thing in the world: you only need a dictionary and when dealing with a less known language, a grammar textbook or a manual and the rest happens on its own. All in all, one only has to understand the meaning of the text, one won’t have any problems expressing the meaning of the text – then who doesn’t speak their own language? The speller corrects your occasional grammatical errors that might slip in because you haven’t paid attention or you’ve forgotten the odd grammar rule. But how are things in reality?

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Written translation

When information presented in the source text (the source language text to be translated, oral or written) is presented in a written form in the target language, then we are talking about written translation. Written translation has to comply with the grammar rules of the target language and the indications and wishes of the client. The most important keywords of written translation are adequacy, compactness and reliability. The quality of the translation has the utmost importance and it has to correspond to the purpose of the translated text. We always try to meet the client’s needs when a translation is urgent.

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