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Written translation

When information presented in the source text (the source language text to be translated, oral or written) is presented in a written form in the target language, then we are talking about written translation. Written translation has to comply with the grammar rules of the target language and the indications and wishes of the client.

The most important keywords of written translation are adequacy, compactness (see Client » Client assistance » Excessive characters) and reliability. The quality of the translation has the utmost importance and it has to correspond to the purpose of the translated text. We always try to meet the client’s needs when a translation is urgent. We also try to keep the time limits as short as possible and the prices optimal. To deliver a high quality and fast translation, Keelekoda Translation Bureau uses translators that have special training and speak the target language as their native language. Additionally we use modern computer software to make sure that the terminological integrity is guaranteed even in very long translations. If there are pressing deadlines, we can also divide a longer translation job between several translators, and the language editor can already start their job before the translators have finished theirs. One can also begin to prepare the desktop publishing before the translation is finished. Of course the end result is better, if every step of the work process is started once the previous one has been finished. When the translation is finished, we begin the editing process, which is an integral part of the work process. We always edit all our translations. This means that our bureau never delivers work that comes directly from a translator.
Often it is not necessary to order the written translation and layout of the whole job from the beginning to the end. Very often it is possible in our main area of translation – technical translation – to adapt the translation and the layout (see Services » Adaptation of translation and layout), which is an affordable and convenient solution, saving the client’s time and money.
At Keelekoda Translation Bureau it is possible to order written translations into all languages of the Baltic countries simultaneously, so that your multi-language document can be delivered in a time limit of only one language translation.

If you are happy with our work and plan to order from Keelekoda Translation Bureau again in the future, we recommend a regular client contract – that way you will have various discounts.

The price of a written translation includes language correction and editing. This means that you as a client always gets an edited translation from Keelekoda Translation Bureau.

Keelekoda Translation Bureau always ensures the confidentiality of the information sent to us during a price enquiry and the texts to be translated.

Written translation – adequate, compact and reliable written translation from Keelekoda Translation Bureau.

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