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Full-service translation bureau Keelekoda Translation Bureau is a translation services provider that offers a full service – in other words a full-service translation agency. The full service includes preparation of the material to be translated, translating, editing, language correction, desktop publishing, proofreading, print preparation and publishing. We also gladly accept orders that include only one of the work steps – translating, correction, editing, desktop publishing, proofreading, print preparation or publishing. But our preferred form of work remains full service or the steps from translating to proofreading, because only in that way can a serious translation bureau take full responsibility for the quality of its translations. Our full-service translation bureau ensures the creation of a flawless translation.

The full-service Keelekoda Translation Bureau is flexible and professional

The full-service Keelekoda Translation Bureau welcomes all kinds of non-fiction texts for localization, such as manuals, instructional texts, service manuals, installation manuals, product catalogues, advertising leaflets, mail order catalogues, mail order campaign materials and product information sheets – everything that needs translating as well as desktop publishing.

Of course the translators at Keelekoda Translation Bureau also translate Word and Excel documents, so all kinds of statements, price lists, contracts, bids, complaints and similar material is also welcome in our translation bureau.

Presentation files in formats such as PowerPoint are also most welcome in Keelekoda Translation Bureau: we translate from source language into target language or languages, we edit texts that have not been translated in our bureau or proofread them. Depending on the wishes of the client, we can also provide the translated texts with a presentable design.

The full-service Keelekoda Translation Bureau has the possibility to use all major design and desktop publishing software, such as Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, QuarkXPress Passport and so on. We use both Windows and Macintosh computers in our work.

The full service that includes translation and desktop publishing is very convenient and affordable to our clients, as it saves time and money.

How does filling an order work at a full-service translation bureau?

To fill an order of a translation and/or design or desktop publishing, Keelekoda Translation Bureau only needs the original materials of the translation or the desktop publishing – either on paper or electronically. You can send the original materials (PDF or desktop publishing files) by email, hand them to us on a data storage medium or transfer them using the Keelekoda Translation Bureau FTP server. As a client, you only need to tell us if you would like a user manual or a catalogue with an identical layout to the original or if there are things that need to be changed (for example add or leave out certain pages or merge several documents).

After receiving the original materials, the employees of the full-service Keelekoda Translation Bureau take care of everything else: they prepare the text for translation (this enables us to make you a very precise price offer on the translation and/or desktop publishing), translate and of course edit and proofread the translated text. During the time when the translation is still in work, the desktop publishers prepare the design template, if needed, so that when the translation is ready, one can move on to desktop publishing without losing any time. In a full-service translation bureau the client saves valuable time – this is another advantage, why one should choose a full-service translation bureau as a collaboration partner.

It is possible to have material translated into several different target languages by the translators at Keelekoda Translation Bureau. We can design the layout in a way that the different languages are set side by side, one after another or in separate documents – exactly as the client wishes.

After the desktop publishing, the experienced editors at the full-service Keelekoda Translation Bureau proofread the texts to make sure that you and your company receives a deserving end result.

A full-service translation bureau – a full responsibility for the final result

Only a full-service translation bureau takes full responsibility for the finished work. If a translation is ordered from a translation bureau and the design/desktop publishing from an advertising agency, then the responsibility for a flawless end result is already diffused. At the delivery the responsibility is transferred from the translator – a translation bureau or a translation agency – to the person who ordered the translation. At that point it is up to the client, if they wish to check the translated text before the layout is fixed. An advertising agency cannot be made responsible for a faulty text – the designer creates a layout for the text (even if it contains errors) that the client has submitted to him or her. The client cannot blame the advertising agency for translational or typographical errors, because the agency that does the desktop publishing can at any moment refer to the quality of the text that was submitted for the layout. The responsibility of the translation bureau or the translation agency ends, when the text is delivered to the client – the translation service provider can always claim that he or she assumed that the text would be edited and adjusted at a later time and that they only did the translation (actually only a raw translation, even if no translation agency advertises themselves as a company that does raw translations).
If you need a flawless end result, you should choose a full-service translation bureau.

According to the order, we will hand you the desktop publishing files or PDF files, or we will arrange for the printing according to the agreement, so that you will receive your user manuals or catalogues and other advertising materials already printed.

A full service – all translation and desktop publishing work – from one place:
Keelekoda Translation Bureau – a full-service translation bureau.