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Translation services

Keelekoda Translation Bureau is governed by the requirements of the Estonian standard EVS-EN 15038:2007 when providing translation services, although within the bureau, some of the quality requirements are higher than the ones listed in the standard.

Keelekoda Translation Bureau uses modern technical translation aids when providing translation services: we use a translation memory for translating and a database for document record management and proper functioning of the work process.

Keelekoda Translation Bureau provides translation services in the following languages: Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, English, Finnish, Polish, Czech, French, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Russian. As a translation agency, we mediate translation services in all kinds of language combinations.

To introduce our translation services, we have created various subsections that will help you orientate in the service spectrum and work methods of Keelekoda Translation Bureau.

Translation services offered by Keelekoda Translation Bureau

Written translation

It doesn’t matter whether you would like to have your user guides, advertisement texts, product presentations or other materials translated – the text can be in any form, either on paper or digital (PC and Mac). We use SDL Trados as translation memory software. Our database, that has grown over the years, guarantees a uniform term use and an exact translation. In that way the work is finished within the time limit and with a quality we can be proud of. Read more about it in Written translation.

Oral translation

Whether we are dealing with a meeting, a business meeting, conference or some other function, it is important that the information reaches the audience as fast as possible. Read more about it in Oral translation.

Notarized translation

A notarized translation may be necessary when you are going to study abroad, doing business or dealing with events concerning civil status. Read more about it in Notarized translation.

Apostille certification

The authenticity of official documents might have to be verified before their translation can be notarized – the original documents have to be certified with an apostille or they have to be legalized. Read more about it in Notarized translation.


Localization is a creative job during which the material (user manuals, brochures, product presentations) is adapted to the culture, traditions and laws of the target language. Read more about it in Localization.


It doesn’t matter if we’re dealing with an advertisement text, a catalogue or a business letter – it’s your company’s business card and the quality has to be flawless. Editing is an integral part of our work process. Our bureau only delivers translations that have been edited by specialists that speak the target language as their native language. Read more about it in Editing.


Proofreading is an important part of the work process, during which elementary typographical and spelling errors are corrected. Read more about it in Proofreading.

Keelekoda Translation Bureau is a full-service translation agency. We offer a large variety of added value services that help make your work more effective and convenient.

Added value services offered by Keelekoda Translation Bureau:
• adaptation;
• creation of a term base and its management;
• desktop publishing (DTP);
• graphic design;
• web design;
• layout creation;
• design;
• language and cultural counseling;
• back translation;
• redaction;
• writing technical texts;
• developing technical terms;
• alignment of foreign language texts for use in translation memories;
• alignment of foreign language texts for presenting as parallel texts;
• editing and/or specialized editing of texts translated by other service providers.

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