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Works done

User manuals, label texts, advertising texts, service manuals, product catalogues, handbooks, installation manuals, mail-order sale catalogues, educational materials, advertising brochures, mail-order sale campaigns, product information sheets... Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian as well as in Russian.

Different languages are combined into single manual according to customers’ need.

We have translated, edited and paged up instruction manuals for both small and bigger appliances, for simple devices as well as complicated apparatus, for products of wide range of price level.

Under each letter You can find a continuoulsy growing list of devices and other products, about which we have material in our archives and our SDL Trados TMs (translation memory).
Click on the initial of the product or producer of Your interest.

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Also, under each letter we offer a variety of examples of our work. The samples are partial, the number of represented pages depend on the full manuals’ volume. The complete versions of the manuals (and other printed materials) are available at our office.

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